Men’s Tjilirra Movement and the Young People’s Struggle Project
December 18, 2017
Aboriginal Men’s Shed: ‘We’ll build it ourselves from scratch’
March 19, 2018

Ken Lechleitner Pangarta joins CASSE leadership team

CASSE is very proud to announce the appointment of Ken Lechleitner Pangarta to the CASSE Committee of Management (COM).

Ken is a Western Aranda and Anmatjere man who is fluent in Western Aranda, Anmatjere, Warlpiri and English and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of Central Australia to our COM.

Over the past two years Ken has been a Research Officer with the combined Central Australian Aboriginal Congress (CAAC)/CASSE Aboriginal Men’s Shed Research Project, investigating what an Aboriginal Men’s Shed could look like and how it would function in meeting all the issues that are faced by Aboriginal men, including the need for Bi-Cultural Tools. He also co-facilitated the Breakthrough Violence Group Treatment Program for mandated offenders which was trialled within the project. We look forward to releasing the findings of this research project in March 2018.

Ken has  spoken at a number of conferences over the past 12 months, including CASSE’s 2017 symposium, ‘The Day After Tomorrow – Breakthrough Recognition‘. You can watch Ken’s presentation here.

Some of the areas that are close to Ken’s heart include creating a place where men can be trained and developed in both worlds of understanding WWKISS (Western World, Knowledge, Ideology, Society and Structure) and its own culture according to Altjira to regain responsibility in aspects of learning and relearning, what men need to know in going forward in the Bi-Cultural Setting. He believes that ‘our answers to our problems, is within our cultural knowledge that we need to revisit to unlock our understanding along with our cultural civics as guiding tools for tomorrow’.

Welcome to the leadership team, Ken!