International recognition
December 17, 2017
Ken Lechleitner Pangarta joins CASSE leadership team
February 2, 2018
International recognition
December 17, 2017
Ken Lechleitner Pangarta joins CASSE leadership team
February 2, 2018

Men’s Tjilirra Movement and the Young People’s Struggle Project

As the groundswell of support for CASSE’s Men’s Tjilirra Movement (MTM) continues to grow, the number of people enjoying the positive benefits of the MTM also continues to expand.

As well as working with communities in the western desert, they have been running cultural workshops for youth (see previous story about a workshop at Santa Teresa/Ltyentye Apurte).

The MTM’s most recent cultural camps were run in early December with the Mac Youth and Waltja Tjutangku Palyapayi Aboriginal Corporation. The first was a camp for young men – the ‘Young People’s Struggle Project’. The second was a camp for young women.

A number of the participants were interviewed for a video about the  Young People’s Struggle project, which also features CASSE’s Jamie Millier Tjupurrula – Program Manager for the MTM.

The following overview was taken from the Waltja website:

Young People’s Struggle Project

Connecting with family, community and culture can help you with your bad thoughts, they can give you the strength to feel strong about yourself and get through tough times.

Try connecting with:

  • Close friend – Who you can talk to about your thoughts & feelings.
  • An Elder: They may help you to connect or reconnect with community and culture
  • Family and friends: Spending time with family and friends can distract you when you are feeling sad and alone
  • A counsellor: To provide you with strategies for getting through tough times

“Helping other people out from time to time can make you feel good about yourself.”
Waltja Reconnect West, Tjillira Men’s Movement & MacYouth working together to strengthen the lives of young people!

We look forward to seeing a story about the women’s camp in the new year!

In addition to the cultural camps, the MTM works with the communities of Haasts Bluff (Ikuntji), Mt Liebig (Amunturrngu), Kintore (Walungurru), Papunya (Warumpi) and Kiwirrkurra, stretching across the western desert. While the team has engaged directly with 600 men, the impact is felt by everyone within the closeknit communities.

“So often people tell me how happy they feel when they see the MTM vehicle arrive in town,” Jamie has said.

The images above and below from the cultural camps say it all – Tjukurrpa witira kanyintjaku! (Holding onto Culture).

Thank you to Waltja and Mac Youth for this empowering collaboration!