Trauma Recovery – Violence Rehabilitation Program

We deliver a tailored violence program for offenders (4-15 sessions) called the Breakthrough Violence Group Treatment Program.

CASSE has piloted this program in partnership with the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress with mandated offenders. It was co-facilitated by clinical staff and a respected Aboriginal man who speaks several local languages. This program allows men to think and talk about cycles of violence in trauma and familial contexts. It helps them develop new tools of emotional regulation, of empathy for others, and for living.”

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Facilitator Notes

by Pamela Nathan

Facilitator Notes –  The What, The Why, The How

Facilitator Notes 1 – Radical Hope

Facilitator Notes 2 – Trauma Trails

Facilitator Notes 3 – Family Violence

Facilitator Notes 4 – Customary Law

Facilitator Notes 5 – Settle Down Country

Facilitator Notes 6 – Community Development

Facilitator Notes 7 – Holding

Facilitator Notes 8 – Aboriginal and African Psychologists Talk

Facilitator Notes 9 – Cape York Welfare Reform

Facilitator Notes 10 – Leadership and Learning

Facilitator Notes 11 – Community Justice Groups


The Northern Territory's numbers in youth detention are soaring - ABC News. As more Aboriginal youth enter detention, CASSE’s cultural healing camp at Alice Springs Youth Detention Centre is an essential program that brings culture and Country into custody.

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