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Current Media Releases:

July 2019: ‘Shields for Living, Tools for Life’ program to help get youth back on track

Media Release Archive:

November 2018: Men’s Tjilirra Movement’s urgent bid for funding to continue storyof healing and cultural empowerment in remote western desert region

March 2018: CASSE CAAC Joint Media Release – Talking powerfully from the heart – Launch of Kurruna Mwarre Ingkintja – Good Spirit Men’s Place – Research Project Report

March 2017: CASSE Media Release – Symposium seeks breakthroughs in psychological and political recognition

July 2016: CASSE Media Release – Programs to regain humanity, not state sanctioned torture

May 2016: CASSE Media Release – presenting ancient tools for modern healing at inaugural Suicide Prevention Conference

February 2016: CASSE Media Release – Terra Nullius, the Australian Dream and the House of Lords

December 2015: CASSE Media Release – What is Recognition? Public event 8th December 2015

August 2014: CASSE Media Release – Parenting expert Dr Andrew Wake supports bullying conference 

August 2014 – CASSE Media Release – Parents of bullies and victims need help too

July 2014 – CASSE Media Release – Celebrity Parent Hero – Jo Stanley

July 2014 – CASSE Media Release – CASSE Parent Hero Awards

May 2014 – CASSE Deakin Joint Media Release – Computer Games Project

Dec 2013 – CASSE Media Release – Peaceful Schools Program Set To Expand

Dec 2013 – CASSE Media Background – Peaceful Schools Program, Monterey Secondary College

Aug 2013 – CASSE Media Release – Reconciliation Forum 2013

Sept 2013 – CASSE Media Release – Walk In My Shoes

Sept 2013 – Central Australian Aboriginal Congress Media Release_Community Forum

Sept 2013 – CASSE Media Release – Historic meeting to take place at Reconciliation Forum

Sept 2013 – CASSE Media Release – Alderdice link to John King

In the news…

  • ABC Radio Alice Springs, 20 March 2020, interview regarding ‘Shields for Living, Tools for Life’:
  • ‘Community Development News’, Summer 2019/20, ‘Kintore Men’s Tjilirra Movement
  • ABC Radio Alice Springs, November 2019, Breakfast with Stewart Brash, interview with Rainer Chlanda, Program Cor-ordinator ‘Shields for Living, Tools for Life’: