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Kiwirrkurra men with their 'kulatas' (spears)

Aboriginal Australian Relations Program Research

Psychoanalytic Publications by Pamela Nathan


Nathan P. (2019). Creating a safe supportive environment (CASSE): a psychodynamically-informed intervention for Aboriginal communities in Central Australia. Contemporary  Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. Eds.  John. S. Ogrodniczuk & David Kealey. Elsevier. Academic Press. University of British Columbia. Vancouver. California. P. 361-373.

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CASSE Booklets:

Nathan, P. (2014). The BASH HOUSE: Within the Bluestone walls of a Maximum Security Prison. International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies. Vol.11, Issue 1.

Nathan, P. (2013). CASSE: A Psychoanalytic Effort in Alice Springs. Australian International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies. Issue 10(4), pp 368-374.  Click here for Summary

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Sociological Publications by Pamela Nathan

Nathan, P. (1987). Borning. Pmere Laltyeka Anwerne Ampe Mpwaretyke. The Congress Alukura by the Grandmother’s Law. Report prepared by CAAC.

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– “Trends in Optometry”
– “Trends in Physiotherapy”
– “The Establishment of the Fitzroy Community Health Centre”
– “Aborigines at Risk”
– “Aged Care”

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Forensic Publications by Pamela Nathan 

Nathan, P (2008). “The role of psychoanalytic Supervision A clinical Illustration”. Psychoanalytic Approaches to Common Clinical Situations. VAPP, auspiced by the Department of Human Services (Dr Ruth Vine).

Nathan, P. (2008). “Working With the Dangerous Client: Be Your Own Detective!”. Psychoanalytic Approaches to Common Clinical Situations. VAPP, auspiced by the Department of Human Services (Dr Ruth Vine).

Gleeson, J., Collins, J., Nathan, P., Davis, M., Bradley, G.  (2008). A prospective Case Controlled Study of Consumers of Community Mental Health with a History of Violent Offending: Baseline Data. To be published Aust New Zealand Journal Psychiatry.

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Taking a lunch break! Shields for Living Tools for Life cultural camp last week funded by Territory Families.

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