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The Milky Way

The Milky Way


Psychoanalytic Dreamtime: Life-Saving Tools.

Join Pamela Nathan on a psychoanalytic journey of the Milky Way. She tells a simple story of the psychoanalytic dreamtime that can be understood by many using metaphors and language associated with dreaming. When you have finished reading The Milky Way you will have some understanding of the key beliefs and practice of psychoanalysis. You might learn something that will change your mind and save your life. Who knows? You might even want to sign up for some psychoanalytic psychotherapy. MORE INFO…

COST: $25 each

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A matter of life and death in Aboriginal Australia

CASSE hopes this essay may be a contribution toward the achievement of constitutional reform in Australia; an imperative in the achievement of humane and equal relations between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples in Australia.


COST: $10 each

ORDERS: Contact CASSE – Phone 0450 540 366  Email




Aboriginal Australian Relations Program Booklet 1 – Saving Lives


This booklet is an introduction to CASSE’s Aboriginal Program. Its objective is to tell you what we can offer, what we do and how we think. It shows you briefly how we might work with trauma and violence by telling you the stories of Giorgio and Samuel. We will be writing more and adding to this booklet over time. We hope it provides some human understandings of difficult and often stigmatising problems. We hope you have a read, find it useful and that this work may lead to kurunna mwarre for all.

For further information, or to order PRINTED copies of this booklet ($10), Contact CASSE:
Phone: 0450 540 366

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Aboriginal Australian Relations Program Booklet 2 – What? Why? How?


This booklet is for Aboriginal people as individuals, in families and communities. It tells some of the Aboriginal story told to CASSE by Aboriginal people about the ‘problem life’ and how to change it and CASSE has added its way of thinking to the story.

For further information, or to order PRINTED copies of this booklet ($10), Contact CASSE:
Phone: 0450 540 366

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Aboriginal Australian Relations Program Booklet 3 – Walk In My Tracks


This booklet is for all Australians – Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal – in the hope that we can all find a way to live together, with non-Aboriginal Australians accepting responsibility for problems, accepting differences and accepting the offer for a union.

For further information, or to order PRINTED copies of this booklet ($10), Contact CASSE:
Phone: 0450 540 366

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Click here to view Pamela Nathan’s psychoanalytic insights series, taking simple gems from the psychoanalytic dreamtime that may become tools for living…


NEW!    Group Program for the Prevention and Treatment of Violence

Resources and training are available for CASSE’s NEW ‘Breakthrough Violence’ Program, which is run over 15 sessions. For further information contact us.


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Special issue of the International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies, Vol 15 Issue 2, June 2018

The International Journal of Applied Psychoanalytic Studies published a special edition featuring all of the papers prepared for CASSE’s 2017 Symposium: THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW A CASSE Symposium on Breakthrough Recognition’. 

Health Business: A Report for the Central Australian Aboriginal Congress

by Pam Nathan and Dick Lechleitner Japanangka

Health BusiHealth Businessness outlines the history of Aboriginal contact with European health care delivery in Central Australia, and the interface between traditional ‘bush’ health care and European health care. Pam Nathan worked with Dick Lechleitner Japanangka, a Central Australian Aboriginal leader, in talking to the Aboriginal people and learning about their ways and their attitudes to health and health care delivery.
The book provides an analysis of health services in the 1980s in Central Australia, both Aboriginal and European, through accounts from the providers and the recipients. As such, it is both a fascinating insight into the lives of the Aboriginal people and a valuable resource for those working or studying in the areas of health, sociology, anthropology and Aboriginal studies.

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Settle Down Country

by Pam Nathan and Dick Lechleitner Japanangka

The movemSettle Down Countryent of the Aboriginal people to reoccupy their ancestral lands, away from the government settlements, is told in this book. The reaction of government authorities to the movement is compared with the needs of the people, as told by Aboriginal people themselves. This book shows how Aborigines were prevailed upon to leave their lands under the policies of assimilation and in the interests of the development of the tourist industry at Uluru and the Woomera rocket range. It asks that white Australians join with Aboriginal people in the fulfilment of their rightful claims.

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The Intervention

Mere Arltyewele (Settle Down Country) – Bear the Gap To Close The Gap

by Pamela Nathan, June 2010

Click on the link below to view Pamela’ Nathan’s paper, which offers a psychological perspective on the Northern Territory Intervention.

The Intervention (Summary)


Notes on Customary Law

by Pamela Nathan, 2012

The place of Customary Law and White Law can be contentious. In this document Pamela Nathan summarises some of the issues. Click on below link to view document.

Summary of Customary Law Issues





The Elders’ Report into Preventing Indigenous Self-Harm & Youth Suicide (2014)

Over a 20 year period to 2014 the incidence of youth suicide in Aboriginal communities went from being an extremely rare phenomenon, to one where the rate of Indigenous youth suicide is now the highest in the world.

Click here to view.


Racism and Prejudice – Psychological Perspectives

This Position Paper by the Australian Psychological Society is written in the context of current social and political debates about native title, reconciliation with Aboriginal people, multiculturalism and immigration.

Click here to view.


Psychological Perspectives on Racism

InPsych, the Australian Psychological Society’s bimonthly bulletin, focuses on racism in its August 2013 issue. It’s well worth a read.

Click here to view

It has been a BIG year for us all! COVID-19 catapulted us all a crisis curveball and thrust Black Lives Matter into centre stage. In 2020 CASSE has been on the rollercoaster ride but stood strong. Read all about our achievements in our latest newsletter:…

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