What we Deliver

Current Programs

CASSE’s Aboriginal Australian Relations Program works alongside communities – listening, learning, understanding and collaborating – to develop insight into people’s emotional worlds, about obstacles, violence and problem behaviours, in order to promote healing. We aim to nurture awareness, both self-awareness and a community awareness, in order to change minds and save lives.

Past Programs

The pilot of CASSE’s highly successful Peaceful Schools Program has now concluded and is no longer operating in its previous format. Click here to view information about the program, or contact us for details.

CASSE’s vision is to change minds and save lives. We empower individuals and communities to make positive changes in their lives by working with them to explore and understand their sufferings and struggles and develop creative futures together.

SERVICES (available onsite or via Skype):

  •  Workshops, Training and Facilitation: on Violence, Suicide, Trauma, Tools for Living and Men’s Tjilirra Tools
  • We also offer a Group Program for the Prevention and Treatment of Violence, called ‘Breakthrough Violence’.
  • Focus Groups: We hold focus groups with communities to listen, talk, grieve, heal, change and empower.
  • Supervision: We can provide supervision for individuals and groups – bringing together individuals, families and communities to talk about a traumatic past, understand states of mind and heal. We can provide reflection groups for Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal professionals working in cross-cultural contexts and reflection groups for leaders.
  • Training and Consultation: We can also provide training and consultation on trauma, holding & healing and on forensic issues of sex and violent offending.


ebookClick here to view online resources including our free E-Books. Also available are reports on youth suicide, racism and customary law; Facilitator Notes on trauma and violence; and more…


Pamela Nathan, Director of CASSE’s Aboriginal Australian Relations Program, has published many research papers. Click here to access psychoanalytic, Aboriginal and forensic research.