Vale Herb Hahn
February 4, 2019
Three stories, one message
March 8, 2019

At CASSE we are incredibly honoured to work with remarkable Indigenous women who stand strongly and proudly for their communities and people. On International Women’s Day, we thank and pay tribute to all of these women.

In particular we pay tribute to Pat Anderson AO, a strong Aboriginal female leader, in her leading role in drafting the ‘Uluru Statement from the Heart’. We are proud to have Pat’s ongoing support as a member of our Scientific Advisory Committee.

The Men’s Tjilirra Movement (MTM) is very fortunate to work closely with the women who are respected elders and vast knowledge holders in their communities. These women are great supporters of the men and youth going on camps, on country, making tjilirra, sharing knowledge and painting.

The women also often attend MTM cultural workshops and camps, whether they be men’s camps or for young women. These women are the keepers and protectors of culture, proudly passing on their knowledge to the next generation. You can read about some of the camps they have attended here:

Kintore Kungkas Trip

Papunya Art Camp 2

To these women, and to the women everywhere who are keeping culture strong: happy International Women’s Day!