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CASSE People

CASSE is a not-for-profit organisation of dedicated professionals who report to a Committee of Managment. In addition to their own skills and experience they also draw on the invaluable specialist knowledge and skills of an exceptional Advisory Committee.

CASSE Committee of Management

Robert Springall

Chairperson, CASSE Committee of Management

Anne Kantor AO

Deputy Chairperson, CASSE Committee of Management; Aboriginal Australian Relations Program

Mary Traversa

Treasurer, CASSE Committee of Management

Pamela Nathan

CASSE Committee of Management; Director Aboriginal Australian Relations Program

Ken Lechleitner

CASSE Committee of Management; Research Officer - CAAC/CASSE Men's Shed Research Project

Gareth Andrews

CASSE Committee of Management

CASSE People

Nathan Brown

Translator and Cultural Consultant

Gurli Hughes

Finance Officer

Anna Kingston

Administrative Manager

Elizabeth Lindner

Communications Officer

Jamie Millier Tjupurrula

Project Manager Aboriginal Australian Relations Program

Thanks to @Bunnings #AliceSprings for the generous donation of axes for the Men's Tjilirra Movement. The men use the axes for chopping the wood to be turned into tjilirra (traditional tools).…

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