I Shall Not Hate
October 14, 2013
A legacy that provides a lesson for all
December 15, 2013

In memory of Nelson Mandela

By Carolyn Aston, Director of CASSE’s Peaceful Schools Program

Our CASSE Team and Peaceful Primary and Secondary Schools join their international friends in Peaceful Schools around the globe in mourning the loss of Nelson Mandela. However we can take heart in the inspiring efforts of our Leadership, teacher, parents and students who are working so innovatively to make their schools as safe and friendly as can be.

Our Peaceful Schools Program (PSP) Student Leaders unanimously describe how honoured and proud they and their parents were to be selected for this role to lead other students in this task. Some of our Primary Student Leaders report that they are encouraging others to do ‘the right thing’, help others solve their problems, help new, shy, sensitive, and lonely kids to make friends and teach fellow students to be UPSTANDERS – intervening effectively and early, when conflict or bullying occurs.

When asked how they have changed through their role as CASSE Peaceful School Leaders, they often report greater confidence in managing situations and helping others, standing up for themselves and others and discovering that they are more capable than they thought.

Some said, ‘I have become a better person in every way!’. Others have emphasised that the whole community works together.

When asked what they would like to tell other schools they have said ‘Most definitely join CASSE Peaceful Schools Program – It will help your school A LOT!’

One Grade 5 student said: ‘I have wanted to achieve more kindness in our school and it has been achieved’.

Mandela would be proud and so are we!