Shields for Living, Tools for Life – Camp Updates
December 21, 2020
CASSE Newsletter – December 2020
December 21, 2020

Earlier this year, the Central Land Council (CLC) provided funding for CASSE to run camps to support youth through the challenges of the pandemic. Mr Robert Hoosan, with the assistance of Grant Cooley, delivered the fifth of these camps cultural camps on country at Finke from December 7-11. The youth and elders were very happy to accompany Robert and Grant on country to make tjilirra and tell stories.
Following is Grant Cooley’s great report from this camp…

Robert and I travelled to Finke on Monday. The next morning we had to wait for the youngfellahs to come out and so we waited by the shop. They knew we were coming. They were very excited. We got food and plenty of water from the store and drove to Tieyon Station near the south Australia border and we stayed there three nights. We went down the road where old Pitjantjatjara elders are cutting trees. It’s a special place. They didn’t cut spears that day because of the rain but we showed the youngfellahs the trees. We cut one tree and showed them how to make a proper tool spear. We looked around the mulga trees and other wood for boomerangs. In the afternoon we made some spears and it was the first time for these youngfellahs. They were very happy and excited. They didn’t know how to make them or the stories for the tools. We came back each day and made more. We got kangaroo and showed them how to cook and cut it up and perentie, too. The old people were very happy for the youngfellahs and for the stories.