Building resilient children – the fourth ‘R’ in education
March 6, 2014
NT Chief Minister endorses CASSE Booklets
March 7, 2014
Building resilient children – the fourth ‘R’ in education
March 6, 2014
NT Chief Minister endorses CASSE Booklets
March 7, 2014

CASSE Peaceful Schools 2014 Professional Development/Consultancy Program

CASSE Peaceful Schools Program offers professional development sessions and consultancy services. Following is a list of the sessions on offer in 2014. Contact Carolyn Aston, Director of CASSE’s Peaceful Schools Program, phone 0417 328 648 or email to discuss dates, times and venues.

1. Insightful Leadership 
(half a day $495)
You will explore and develop an insightful and analytical understanding that informs managing conditions and scenarios that create unrest, dysfunction and threaten safety.

2. Inside Out and back to Front (90 mins $385)
You will explore Trauma Theory and the chaotic process from the child’s perspective of Externalisation (conduct disorder) and Internalisation (self blaming) and how to achieve success for these students. Classroom management skills will be a focus as well as coping skills.

3. Sticking with Students with Attachment Difficulties (90 mins $385)
You will learn how to identify, manage and support students presenting with a range of attachment difficulties and the “invitations” they give us to respond in unhelpful ways which match their early experiences. This relieves staff from taking student responses personally and opens up opportunities for more effective relating and teaching.

4. Pulling No Punches (90 mins $385)
You will explore examples of overt and covert aggression and threats which occur all too often in our schools. The effect on students, staff and leadership will be investigated and ways in which to manage these scenarios promoting awareness of one’s own inner state and that of the aggressor will be considered. Safety and mentalisation will be the focus for achieving peaceful outcomes.

5. Reinterpreting and Reframing the Victim’s Journey (90 mins $385)
You will learn how to be a strong advocate for the child dealing with DHS, SOCIT (Victoria Police Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation Team), CPS (Children Protection Society) and how to support and collaborate with the care provider.

6. “When the going gets tough, the tough get going!”- Promoting Resilience Part 1 (90 mins $385)
*Suitable for PARENTS or STAFF
You will explore how individual students or children and young people vary in their capacity to perceive and bounce back from difficulties. Our students and young people are very “tuned in” to our reactions to these. The role of empathy as first base in response to these situations can provide reassurance, containment and an opportunity to promote thinking and problem solving, rather than giving up or being down on oneself. Scenarios will be used to demonstrate the potential for helping our students and children to grow wiser and stronger from adversity.

7. Promoting Resilience under Pressure Part 2 (90 mins $385)
After completing Part 1, you will now explore how challenging it can be to promote resilience if you have a child/student who finds change difficult and what they might need to “give up” to grow up or move forward. Skills in helping them to firstly manage their anxiety and /or anger and low self-esteem and then to begin thinking more openly about their issues will be shared.

8. “You may be gone but you’re never over” Supporting Students Dealing with Loss and Grief (90 mins $385)
You will explore a range of responses to grief across the age groups of students at your school and how the individual student’s responses are shaped by the nature of the loss, their history, family, religious beliefs, personal and external resources. Disenfranchised or unacknowledged grief and mental health risk factors will be discussed as well as effective ways to manage students and help them to get back on track.

To arrange suitable dates, times and venues contact Carolyn Aston, CASSE’s Schools Program Director, phone 0417 328 648, email