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May 21, 2014
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May 27, 2014

What to watch this weekend…

Just in time for the weekend, CASSE movie reviews…


Turns the tables to shine a light on the strangeness, condescension and awfulness of colonisation. What Whitefellas view as ‘normal’ seems very strange and ridiculous from another/reverse perspective. Confronting and compelling  viewing for Whitefellahs – a great ‘documentary’!


Mad Bastards

‘I have a little man inside me with an axe,’ says an Aboriginal man in this movie, which highlights the destructive cycle of domestic violence, getting locked up, family breakdown, unemployment and so on, in which he and his family are trapped. Alcohol amplifies the situation. It also highlights that everyone needs somewhere to belong and feel useful.  The Mens Shed in this movie is in the early stages – no-one really says much. However just getting together and sharing a safe space without words can be very helpful. The fact that the men made an effort to go there means a lot. TJ’s quest to find the son he has never known, and his struggle with alcohol and violence are very moving.


Mens Group

A heartbreaking movie. The Mens Group really helped (nearly all) of its participants to live their lives better. This move demonstrates how powerful mens’ groups can be, how they really can have a positive impact on the lives of the men and, subsequently, their families. Initially none of the men wanted to be in the group. A tragic suicide forges the beginning of a deep bond within the group, that enables them to share their painful stories and emerge powerful and free from the grip of their pasts.



And look out for Utopia, the film by John Pilger that sparked controversy, debate and acclaim, that is going to air on SBSONE on Saturday 31st May at 8.35 pm.  Click here to read the review and subsequent comment by Pamela Nathan.