We offer helping ways to think together, feel together and reflect together in the heat of the work. CASSE works in a landscape of generational trauma across the racial and cultural divide in Central Australia.

How do we work with Aboriginal people, clients, communities, organisations, leaders?

We walk alongside, two-way relating, deeply listening, facilitating, empowering, and transforming where we are needed and if we can.  Psychoanalysis provides the recognition of emotional worlds.  Recognition provides a means to know and see, and to be known and to be seen and in the telling of stories, in the sharing of pain with another, can transform emotional experiences and create new stories and renewed lives.

If you are working in the spaces of the intercultural divide, in the heat at the front-line, mentoring, consultation, debriefing, reflective groups and workshops are available.  Our psychoanalytic consulting sessions are very practical and provide tools for thinking, feeling, reflection, possibilities and freedom for both you and your client/s.

Consultation, reflection, and supervision can transform emotional experiences and create new stories and renewed lives. Having a third person/s listen deeply and bear witness can be very helpful in front line work. I know as I have experienced and reaped the benefits.

CASSE also offers Cultural and Community mentoring and workshops with Aboriginal cultural leaders and the CASSE team.

Mentoring, Consultation, Reflective sessions/group sessions are available now.   CASSE have a number of consultants available including Pamela Nathan.