July 10, 2019
Chris Croker and Dale Wakefield
Talking about ‘Shields for Living, Tools for Life’
August 16, 2019


‘Shields for Living, Tools for Life’ program to help get youth back on track

Creating A Safe Supportive Environment (CASSE), a psychologically focused not-for-profit organisation with a proven track record working with Aboriginal people on country in remote communities, will deliver an intensive six month targeted program for high risk young people in central Australia as part of the Northern Territory Government’s newly announced ‘Creating Safer Communities: Back on Track – Cutting Youth Crime’ Plan.

“Through the ‘Shields for Living, Tools for Life’ program, we build on our experience working with Aboriginal youth and elders in remote communities on country, using a trauma and culturally informed frame to increase engagement and connections with family and community,” explained Mr Chris Croker, Acting Chair of CASSE.

“Our psychological approach helps young people develop understandings of problem behaviour and underlying trauma, and to achieve social and emotional wellbeing. CASSE believes that cultural competency is both a protective and positive factor in psychological growth.”

The innovative ‘Shields for Living, Tools for Life’ program provides an alternative sentencing option for young people involved in the justice system and has been designed to reduce the likelihood of recidivism.

The participants engage in therapeutic workshops that emphasise the importance of reflection, healing and reparation, and intensive on-country, culture camps that are delivered by Aboriginal mentors alongside CASSE’s long running and successful Men’s Tjilirra Movement activities. 

“Shields are old tools for protection and strength,” said Mr Croker. “They are a powerful symbol for young people making new tools for living and life.”

“We welcome this government initiative to break the cycle of trauma for young Territorians.”

Chris Croker is available for interview

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CASSE (Creating A Safe Supportive environment) is a psychologically informed not-for-profit organisation with the vision to change minds in order to save lives. CASSE aims to promote safe, supportive environments through psychoanalytic awareness. We focus on empowering people and communities to understand and work through their trauma (manifest by suicide, depression, violence, substance usage) by preserving and strengthening cultural life and capacity between the generations in a self-determining way.