October 28, 2016
Changing Minds, Saving Lives In The Holiday Season
December 19, 2016

November 6-12 is National Psychology Week.

It’s a great time to consider the psychological health and wellbeing of yourself and those around you, and how you can help to make a positive difference.

To mark the occasion, in this month’s ‘Psychoanalytic Insight’ Pamela Nathan presents the psychoanalytic ‘Tool Box’.

As jilpie Lear states, ‘Wisdom can be won from illness and this wisdom can be practical’. Analytic psychotherapy seeks to understand the meaning/s of things, feelings and actions and in this practice restore the humanity in a person.

One of the most difficult things a person has to overcome is the sense of incapacity.

One of the most difficult things a person has to achieve is to accept responsibility for their life and to lead it.

‘The Tool  Box’ provides some living tools for achieving psychological wellbeing for yourself and others and for dreaming and living…

Read ‘The Tool Box’.