‘Changing Minds, Saving Lives’ – Psychoanalytic Insights: ‘HOLDING’
August 29, 2016
Recognition? It’s a matter of life and death in Aboriginal Australia.
September 16, 2016

‘Mabu ngarrungu, Mabu buru, Mabu liyan’

In his powerful maiden speech, Senator Pat Dodson stated that he wants to “work with all of you in building an Australian nation that is characterised, as it is said in Yawuru, as Mabu ngarrungu —a strong community; Mabu buru—a strong place, a good country in which all Australians of all backgrounds, religions and ethnicities have a life influenced by Mabu liyan—a healthy spirit with the good feelings and sense of worth that comes from mutual respect and balance.” (Read full speech: https://nacchocommunique.com/tag/pat-dodson/)

In comparison, Senator Corey Bernadi has re-opened the divisive debate about amending Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act…