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April 3, 2013
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May 6, 2013

Don’t Peak at High School

by Margaret Nixon

Appearing at the comedy festival this year are Fiona Scott-Norman and Stella Young who, along with guest performers, are presenting a show based on school experiences of bullying (Melbourne International Comedy Festival – ‘Don’t Peak at High School’).

Fiona is the editor of the book Don’t Peak at High School ( which draws together stories from prominent Australians who experienced bullying in high school and who were eventually able to draw strength from it.

In a recent interview on ABC Melbourne Radio 774, Scott-Norman highlighted the community interest with the issue of bullying, as indicated by the level of audience interaction at the end of the show and the willingness of audience members to  share their experiences of bullying in school.

While this blog is not an endorsement of the show, it does highlight the occurrence of bullying and how it is an issue that is on the mind and within the experience of so many people.