Constitutional Recognition. The truth is…?
August 5, 2015
Recognition sleight of hand
August 12, 2015


By Pamela Nathan

The psychology of racism…..

“You’re a mad, black bastard!”

Well I have news for you! You think deep down you’re the mad, black bastard. It’s just you don’t know it!

Racism begins in the cauldron of emotions. It can be born of fear, ignorance, hate, badness, repulsion and envy. People can split off lacerating bad, unwanted parts of them and project them into another race, for example: ‘You’re the bad, mad black bastard, not me!’

Adam Goodes has been the de-humanised object of virulent racism. He has been vilified by racial taunts and a pack mentality.

For all of you who BOO take a long look inside yourself!

Find your own colour-coded inner demons !

Once seen, now find recognition, empathy, respect for differences, humanity and begin to CHEER for yourself, all Australians and right now, most of all, Adam Goodes!