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June 12, 2014
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June 18, 2014

CASSE PSP Parent Night

One of the key features of CASSE’s Peaceful Schools Program (PSP) is parental engagement. As well as facilitating sessions for teachers and students, CASSE conducts sessions to help parents understand CASSE’s approach. Drouin West Primary School has had great results participating in CASSE’s PSP over the past three years. Therese Raulin, Deputy Director of CASSE’s PSP, and Ineke Van Vliet, School Liaison Manager, recently facilitated a parent session at Drouin West Primary. Kasey Bayne, Drouin West teacher and CASSE Co-ordinator, posted the following article in the school’s newsletter following the session:

CASSE Parent Night

What a fantastic start to education week with the CASSE Parent Night which was held on Monday 19th May. The night was a huge success with a great turn out from many interested parents. The session began with CASSE student members Tahlia, Josh, Hollie and Holly speaking about their experiences in CASSE over the years and how CASSE has helped them to be more confident and to become a role model upstander to their peers. CASSE Facilitators Ineke and Therese gave a very informative and engaging presentation about how to assist your child if they are having bullying issues and helpful tips and steps to work through the process. The most beneficial part of the night was parents having the opportunity to talk to others about problems their children might be having and to see that they are not alone and have a support network available to them. A huge thank you goes to the following parents, grandparents and guests who made the effort to attend on Monday night; Petra W, Cally W, Julie T, Alissa M, Kerry N, Donna M, Kerri A, Shantel M, Katie P, Lori M, Rhiannon T, Vivienne H, Jemimah H, Karen K and Wendy R.

Kasey Bayne, CASSE Co-ordinator

Drouin West Primary School