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March 11, 2014
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March 17, 2014

CASSE Booklets now available as online eBooks


CASSE’s Aboriginal Australian Relations Program booklets, recently endorsed by the NT Chief Minister, Adam Giles, are now available to view as online ‘flipping books’. Click here to go to CASSE’s online Resources to view the booklets, or click on direct links below

The first booklet, Saving Lives, introduces CASSE and shows how CASSE might work with trauma and violence by telling the stories of ‘Giorgio’ and ‘Samuel’. It provides some human understandings of difficult and often stigmatising problems, with the hope of leading to kurunna mwarre for all.

What?, Why? How?, the second booklet, is meant for Aboriginal people as individuals, in families and communities. It tells some of the Aboriginal stories told to CASSE by Aboriginal people about the ‘problem life’ and how to change it, and CASSE has added its way of thinking to the story. NT Chief Minister Adam Giles said, “The goals you’ve set out under ‘What we can achieve’ in ‘What? Why?How?’ point the way to success”. 

Printed versions of the booklets are also available for $10 each. For further information click here, or to order copies contact CASSE:
Phone: 0450 540 366