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April 20, 2018
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Southern Summer Songlines Suite: Country needs Composers

Loyola Woods-Cameron was a key organiser of the 2017 RANZCP Faculty of Psychotherapy Conference 201 7, which was held at Uluru and featured Pamela Nathan, Director of CASSE’ Aboriginal Australian Relations Program, as a keynote speaker and workshops with CASSE (the Men’s Tjilrra Movement and Ken Lechleitner Pangarte). Loyola wrote to Pamela Nathan of the significance of the conference to her and her practice, and also of it affirming her need to connect with her own background, which includes Stolen Generation.

As a composer, Loyola embarked upon this journey through music, taking traditional European Christmas carols, in particular the hauntingly beautiful ‘Coventry Carol’, and exploring these through an Australian and Indigenous lens. The result is a suite of 5 main pieces. Loyola writes: “The narrative is built around a translation of the original Northern Hemisphere’s Carol story of murdered children, to the Australian context of stolen children and the sad and traumatic story of colonization and the subsequent need for healing, reconciliation and transformation”.

We are honoured that Loyola invited CASSE to share her moving work with our community:

Southern Summer Songlines Suite: Country needs Composers

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