Section 18C – a ‘legislative dog’s dinner?’
March 19, 2014
National Day of Action Against Bullying & Violence
March 21, 2014

Section 18C – the debate rages on

By Elizabeth Lindner

And so the debate rages. FOUR articles in today’s issue of The Australian relating to Section 18C. It is, indeed, a complex and divisive argument. However some very important issues are being raised. These issues are rightly being put under the spotlight and should be debated.

Section 18C makes people stop and think about the true impact and ramifications of what they are saying and doing on a particular racial group of people. By taking the time to think in this manner, we are more likely to challenge the status quo – a status quo where the disparity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians is horrific. Until racism is erased, until we have made real and lasting achievements in closing the gap, we need to continue challenging the status quo.

Individuals should be judged by their actions. Not by their race. As was Andrew Bolt.

Today in The Australian:


All Together Now’s media release: