‘Remote Hope’ of hearing the Aboriginal voice as an authority
May 15, 2015
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June 2, 2015

Meet our people, hear our story

I’m writing to ask for your help in supporting a vital, innovative program that empowers Indigenous men to fulfil their potential, and foster the next generation’s ambitions and opportunities. It’s called ‘Tjilirra – Traditional Tools, Life Tools‘.

I am proud to share two videos that highlight our approach and also demonstrate the impact of our work with Aboriginal people on their own country.

The first video introduces CASSE’s Aboriginal Australian Relations Program and has been produced with the generous assistance of Peter Garnish, Director of Production Video.

The second video shares the beginnings of our ‘Tjilirra – Traditional Tools, Life Tools’ Project. The imagery is powerful, particularly when put in the context of communities under threat of closure. Our remote communities are the last bastions of an ancient world that will be lost with the passing of the Elders if the communities are not kept alive and young Aboriginal people are not given the opportunity to embrace traditional learning on country.

Please, help us continue to deliver the Tjilirra project.

Your donations and sponsorship will help our work, changing minds and saving lives.

Kurunna Mwarre (may your spirit inside you be good) to you all!

Pamela Nathan
CASSE Aboriginal Australian Relations Program

CASSE Aboriginal Australian Relations Program Video

‘Tjilirra – Traditional Tools Life Tools’ Project video

Would you like to help?

As you watch these videos, please consider how you can support our work. We now need sponsorship for the lease of a 4WD vehicle to secure the Tjilirra Project for twelve months. This is critical for our Project Leader, Jamie Millier, to be able to cover the vast distances of remote terrain between communities. With sponsorship, we will be able to direct more funding to the engagement of Cultural Advisors in each community involved with the project. For more information contact us.