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January 28, 2014
Indigenous recognition still has a way to go
February 3, 2014

Constitutional reform is the law of the land

by Pamela Nathan

Re: ‘Tony Abbott has ‘golden window’ of opportunity on indigenous recognition’ by Dan Harrison, published in The Age, 28 January 2014.

CASSE Aboriginal Australian Relations Program fully supports Constitutional recognition. We endorse Mr Abbott’s pre-election pledge to release a draft proposal for constitutional reform by September for consultation. Mr Liebler who co-chaired the expert panel to provide recommendations for constitutional reform  says, “Absolutely no doubt about it – there is a golden window of opportunity with Tony Abbott as Prime Minister”. Mr Abbott says constitutional recognition is a “very important national crusade” and says he wants “a referendum as soon as possible”. We support Tony Abbott. Reform proposes the removal of two racist sections and the creation of new sections banning discrimination on the grounds of race, colour or ethnic or national origin, and acknowledging the need to secure the advancement of indigenous people. Les Malezer says the proposals must deliver “tangible” change. Constitutional reform is not just recognition, it is legal and is the law of the land