Recognition is a mirror for us all
December 16, 2015
Terra Nullius and the Australian dream
January 25, 2016

The Milky Way



Psychoanalytic Dreamtime: Life-Saving Tools.

Join Pamela Nathan on a psychoanalytic journey of the Milky Way. She tells a simple story of the psychoanalytic dreamtime that can be understood by many using metaphors and language associated with dreaming. When you have finished readingThe Milky Way you will have some understanding of the key beliefs and practice of psychoanalysis. You might learn something that will change your mind and save your life. Who knows? You might even want to sign up for some psychoanalytic psychotherapy. MORE INFO…

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The Northern Territory's numbers in youth detention are soaring - ABC News. As more Aboriginal youth enter detention, CASSE’s cultural healing camp at Alice Springs Youth Detention Centre is an essential program that brings culture and Country into custody.

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