Welcome to Psychology Week 2015!
November 9, 2015
Psychology Week 2015 – Wednesday update
November 11, 2015

Psychology Week 2015 Update

By Pamela Nathan

Today’s update for Psychology Week 2015 is a short animation introducing psychoanalysis: Developed by the Australian Psychoanalytical Society, it is a useful addendum to yesterday’s overview blog – ‘what is psychoanalytic psychotherapy?’.

At CASSE, we believe that psychoanalysis can be applied as readily to a community as it can to an individual. For a community to grow and realise creative, healthy futures, it must first expose, recognise and have recognised the festering wounds of past trauma in order to address unresolved issues and allow healing to occur expose.

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CASSE provides one solution.A solution that takes youth from custody to country. #ShieldsforLivingToolsforLife. These youth on camp feel alive and real! The youth tell us they feel HAPPY, PROUD, SAFE and STRONG on our country camps. They tell new stories.…

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