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August 20, 2014
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September 1, 2014

Parents hit by bullying

PARENTS of bullying victims can suffer as much from the scourge as their kids, it is claimed.

Severe anxiety is among the most common problems in distressed mums and dads. Those with unresolved bullying issues from their own childhood are typically worst affected.

Child psychotherapist Carolyn Aston, a former teacher, said distress levels usually arose when parents didn’t know how to assist their child or felt schools weren’t doing enough to stop bullying.

“They can feel really helpless and not know where to turn,’’ Ms Aston said. “That’s quite painful for parents.

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The Northern Territory's numbers in youth detention are soaring - ABC News. As more Aboriginal youth enter detention, CASSE’s cultural healing camp at Alice Springs Youth Detention Centre is an essential program that brings culture and Country into custody.

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