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July 31, 2014
Remote Mental Health Service funding to be maintained!
August 11, 2014

Mt Liebig petition in support of the RFDS mental health service

The CASSE Blog has been following the ongoing debate regarding funding cuts to the RFDS remote mental health service in Central Australia. One of the communities affected by the funding cuts is Mt Liebig.

Mt Liebig health consumers voted overwhelmingly in favour of retaining the RFDS Remote Areas Mental Health Service team.

The following petition from Mt Liebig was forwarded to CASSE yesterday afternoon. It has 74 signatures, which is a big majority of the adult Aboriginal population at Watiyawanu/Mt Liebig: Mt Liebig pettition 1 aug 2014

We will continue to post updates on the debate…

(*This blog post relates to previous posts: ‘Ongoing debate, but no solution as yet for remote communities‘, ‘Debate continues about remote mental health service funding cuts‘, ’Media Release – RFDS clarifies position on NT Medicare Local funding‘, ‘More questions about remote mental health service funding cuts‘, ‘Questions from Practitioners of Central Australia‘, ‘Response from NT Medicare Local regarding funding cuts‘, ‘The End for NT Indigenous Mental Health Service?‘, ‘Response to Warren Snowdon’s media release‘, ‘Media release re funding cuts from Warren Snowdon MP‘; ‘More on mental health funding cuts…‘; and ‘The loss of RFDS from nntaria – funding slashed‘) 

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