August 2, 2013
Psychoanalytic insight into triggers for murder
August 12, 2013

Reconciliation about changing minds and saving lives

by Pamela Nathan, CASSE Aboriginal Program Director

2.5% of the Australian population. 25% of the prison population. Life expectancy almost 20 years lower than for non-indigenous Australians. Unemployment 50-300 percent higher. The enormous and shocking disparity between Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians is now firmly on the election and political agenda. As it should be. It’s time for all Australians to take part in generating a new dialogue about Reconciliation. Don’t wait for the election results to be part of this process. REGISTER NOW to attend RECONCILIATION AUSTRALIA: Psychological perspectives. It’s about changing minds and saving lives.

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CASSE provides one solution.A solution that takes youth from custody to country. #ShieldsforLivingToolsforLife. These youth on camp feel alive and real! The youth tell us they feel HAPPY, PROUD, SAFE and STRONG on our country camps. They tell new stories.…

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