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Rainer Chlanda

Program Co-ordinator,
‘Shields for Living, Tools for Life’

Rainer Chlanda is an enthusiastic and dedicated youth worker whose practice is rooted in his lived experience growing up in Alice Springs. Rainer has worked in the youth sector in a range of services both locally and interstate but most notably as a Case Manager in a local Intensive Youth Support Service where his tireless advocacy and support for his clients was recognized with him being awarded the Fitzgerald Youth Award – NT Human Rights Awards 2018. In addition to his work on the ground Rainer has published several articles in local online newspaper, Alice Springs News, on youth crime, trauma and the youth justice system, contributing meaningfully to the public conversation and helping to build his reputation as a committed defender of youth rights.


“After years of working with at-risk Indigenous youth in the Youth Justice System, where I experienced firsthand the lack of diversionary or rehabilitative programs that incorporate Indigenous Culture and ownership in their delivery, I’m overjoyed to be involved the Shields For Living Tools For Life program. I’ve felt especially inspired during camp-delivery when witnessing our troubled youth and their family members engage passionately in traditional practices and observing the inherent therapeutic benefit in doing so.”

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